The Whys of Screening

Screening is a necessary safety process for Companions and clients alike. Some potential clients balk at the idea of providing information for screening. This is understandable as identity theft is rampant and always a threat, whether or not it is online. All Companions understand this, or should, so we try to make the process as painless and safe as possible without compromising our own safety. Unfortunately, there is an idea that women who are escorts are undeserving of respect and safety from bodily harm, so if we are harmed we often have no one to turn to.

The safer we feel about meeting you the more enjoyable the appointment will be.

The information I ask for is not invasive. I prefer employment verification coupled with one or two short conversations via email or phone after the initial verification. I do not use provider verification for a variety of reasons; actually, many of those reasons are similar to why I don’t like reviews. That I will cover in a future post. But as I said, employment verification is non-invasive. I refer to it as “cocktail party information”. Why? Because at every party, this is what happens in the first thirty seconds to a full minute of introduction:

Party-goer: “Hi, my name is Jayne Cobb.”

You: “Jack Flash. Nice to meet you.”

Party-goer: “So, what do you do for a living?”

You: “Oh, I’m a program designer.”

Party-goer: “Who do you work for?”

You: “I work for US Cellular.”

Party-goer: “Cool. I’m an independent contractor in lost items acquisitions.”

…and so on. This happens at most parties I’ve been to anyway. It’s called small talk and it is how most people break the ice. From there, if Jayne Cobb was so inclined, he could easily Google the information you gave him at the party to discover whether or not Jack Flash really does work for US Cellular. I ask for a little more, such as the main switchboard phone number and direct line phone number to, again, make sure that you really do work for whom you claim to. Outside of super secret government agents, most people freely share their employment information with those they have no intention of ever seeing or talking to again. Most people put this on Facebook, again, often sharing this very basic information with people they do not intend on meeting in real life. And Facebook will certainly exploit that information more than I will ever care to.

So, when Companions ask for this information and it is refused or a potential client attempts to obfuscate or withhold some of it, we automatically assume the worst of you. For us, it simply comes down to better safe than sorry. Again, this information is very public and easily accessed, we simply need to connect it to you— the person who wants to share sensual and intimate moments with us. Furthermore, professional dating sites have begun asking for the same information, a cue I’m sure they took from our industry but would be loathe to admit that. The one I linked to is even more invasive than I am as they ask for a home address and your cell phone number; I do not ask for the latter until closer to our appointment and I will never, ever ask for the former as I probably will not set an appointment at your home.

The best appointments are ones that have established trust long before the first touch. And the best clients are the ones who understand that a comfortable Companion makes for a very fun Companion!

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