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A quick note about provider references

Anything can be faked: reviews, employment, provider references… Though employment is easier to suss out as fake than anything else. I will accept provider references only from those women I know personally in real life or have interacted with online … Continue reading

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YMMV: The conundrum of reviews and discretion

I don’t like reviews nor do I want any. There, I said it. I understand the need to verify the veracity of a provider’s status and whether or not she’s fraudulent. Regardless of the context, no one likes being taken … Continue reading

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More on pleasure

The whole being of a mulatress is given over to sensual pleasure and the flame of this goddess burns in her heart so as only to be snuffed out with life itself… Even the most inflamed imagination can conceive of … Continue reading

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What is sensuality?

Sensuality, as well as its root word sensual, are one of those oft-used buzzwords on escort sites. Or any site concerning sexuality. The word is repeated so much, it has almost lost all meaning. This post is going to define … Continue reading

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