What is sensuality?

Hans von Aachen- "The Five Senses- Touch"

Sensuality, as well as its root word sensual, are one of those oft-used buzzwords on escort sites. Or any site concerning sexuality. The word is repeated so much, it has almost lost all meaning. This post is going to define the word sensual and continue onto a describe how I express sensuality, as a Companion and generally as a woman.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines sensual as: 1. Relating to or affecting any of the  senses or a sense organ; sensory.

2. Of, related to, given to, or providing gratification of the physical and especially the sexual appetites.

The word always had the first definition, which makes sense as it is derived from the Latin word sensus. By 1641, the word had gained the second definition prompting John Milton to create the word sensuous to avoid sensual’s now lascivious and sexual meaning.  Unfortunately for Milton, sensuous is now a synonym for sensual! And really, how can appealing to the senses ever be completely removed from the sexual realm? Personally, I believe that to be impossible. Most anything that is physical can be sexual, much to the rue of the sexually repressed.

With this definition in mind, I consider myself to be a naturally sensual woman and as a Companion, I share this nature with my patrons. Women who are feminine have an abundance of sensuality that inspires and fuels incredible physical pleasures. Female or male, one who understands and develops their sensual nature is able to extend sensuality beyond the five senses. When those five senses are so highly stimulated by an encounter that it enters a realm of sexual-spiritual energy– also known as, “Oh my god, oh my god, ohmygod!”

The sensual pleasure of sight and scent is easily satisfied: I am a beautiful, exotic woman with a voluptuous and buxom figure in the classic mode. I move with grace and elegance, leaving a wake of lightly perfumed air.

Always stylish, whether I am in a designer dress at a cocktail party, business casual at a lunch date or designer lingerie in a private moment. I clothe my curves in a manner that emphasizes their beauty and compliments my dark hair and eyes and my honey-colored complexion.

The sensuality of sound and touch: Though my voice is sultry and sonorous, I must admit it’s not expert in dirty talk. Instead,  I use my eyes and my lips, a sly glance or a small smile spreading across my face, eyebrow raised– looking only at you. Or perhaps a light touch on your arm or at the small of your back.

The sensuality of taste: A dinner that dances on the tongue long after we’ve left the restaurant. The robust taste of a well-paired wine or champagne with a lovely evening. Beyond those tastes, mes chers…. Ah, well…. we shall see about that, won’t we?

Sensuality need not always be obvious or cliche. It’s highly personal and adaptable to the situation. A true sensualist is aware of this.

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Professional, sensual Companion for discerning gentlemen. I am based in Chicago, but I am available to travel worldwide.
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