A quick note about provider references

Anything can be faked: reviews, employment, provider references… Though employment is easier to suss out as fake than anything else.

I will accept provider references only from those women I know personally in real life or have interacted with online for at least a year, whether under the name Claudia or another internet presence for which I am known (though I do not advertise under that name). Women, providers or not, have different levels of tolerance, especially in personal relationships. There are some women I know whom I would never take a personal reference from, especially concerning a partner in intimacy. These are women who shrug their shoulders or accept insults from a male partner, something that I would never stand for, yet they will claim that he’s actually a great guy. Or some are women who may turn vindictive at the most accidental of slights.

Providers are no different. What may be good behavior for them may be completely unacceptable for me. Some are much more willing to bend their standards than I am. Comfort levels vary too wildly for my peace of mind. More than that, if I do not know the provider well,  I will not know if a negative opinion of you is the result of jealousy, retribution, or vengefulness; likewise, a positive opinion may be genuine, bought, or “strongly suggested”. I have to take this into account as I consider what my screening standards will be.

There is also the problem of timing. I require a seven day notice for appointments and all screening must be greenlit before deposits arrangements are made and said deposits must be in my possession before the appointment is set in stone on my calendar. If the provider (or providers) is traveling or otherwise unavailable, using this as the sole reference complicates matters greatly.

That said, if a recent client wants me to provide a reference on his behalf to a provider, then I will gladly do so. Naturally, you will have had to be a good client. I won’t recommend a bad seed to any of my colleagues, despite any differences in standards or practices we may have. But none of you will be bad seeds, now will you?

About Claudia Christophe

Professional, sensual Companion for discerning gentlemen. I am based in Chicago, but I am available to travel worldwide.
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