Tipping: Waitstaff, valet, and other service workers

The price of not having to clean up after yourself.

I don’t require a tip on top of my rate. I created my rates to fulfill my financial needs and my own calculations on how valuable my time is at this point in my life and career in Companionship. Tipping in addition to my rate is always nice but I do not need it for financial survival.

However, when I am on an otherwise lovely rendezvous, nothing puts a frown on my face quicker than bad (or a lack of) tipping of waitstaff, valet, bellhops, and other service workers. For those of you who have never worked a job in this field, let me tell you, those tips are sorely needed. Especially at restaurants. Most state laws make an exception for waitstaff with regard to minimum wage– that is, they don’t get minimum wage but a base wage about half of what minimum wage is. Here in Illinois, minimum wage is $8.25/hour, so waitstaff receive a minimum wage of $4.50-$4.95/hour. The assumption is that customers will tip their server appropriately. If waitstaff does not receive tips, then they are given the normal minimum wage.

I have heard all manner of justification for not tipping waitstaff. There is no justification outside of service that is so egregious the law may actually have to be involved. For example, a waiter showing clear racial/ethnic/cultural bias against you, comments on sexual orientation, etc. Serious infractions. Having food cooked for you, brought to your table, cleared off your table…this is a privilege, not a right. Anything you pay another person to do in public that you can easily do yourself at home is a luxury.

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2 Responses to Tipping: Waitstaff, valet, and other service workers

  1. Anne Marie says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. I find it amazing that anyone ever does this, but I see it happen constantly. I am a dancer at an upscale gentlemans club in manhattan. Men will come in and pay $1200/hr to spend time alone in a room with me, give the floor host $200-300 for opening the door for us and then closing it, order a $1200 bottle of champagne, maybe two, and then leave the waitress a $60 tip. She is probably the only one in the club doing any actual work, but is consistently getting the short end of the stick. C’mon guys, show a little class. Good service should be appreciated.

  2. Thank you, Anne Marie!

    I knew one girl who worked as a waitress at a strip club and she had the very experience you described. Do you have to share your tips with the support staff at the club? I know that happens in some clubs.

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