Logophilia or how I choose my words carefully

Dictionary: mental whetstone and unconventional sex toy.

I love words. I actually read dictionaries, not just for the definition of a word, but to search the etymology of a word. I have had a life-long love of history, and though my degree focuses on art and architectural history, understanding how and why things change is fascinating. With words, especially, finding the common thread between words and seeing the linguistic drift gives me a near-orgasmic thrill. Yes, I admit it: I am a word nerd.

I speak both French and Spanish with varying degrees of fluency, though I can read both languages much better than I can speak them. I have some limited understanding of Latin, which helps my study of French and Spanish, and even English. I’ve picked up some German and Greek though my study of art history. Words are not just letters thrown together, but they reflect values, ideas and concepts; studying other languages puts the phrase “lost in translation” into stark relief. I keep this in mind whenever I speak or write and though clarification may be necessary at times, I rarely misspeak… or “misspeak” in written form.

Above: volptuousness. "Three Graces" by Peter Paul Rubens

With that in mind, I want to clarify two words I use to describe my figure: voluptuous and buxom. Voluptuous is one of those terms used to describe body types ranging from Gisele Bundchen to pre-weight loss Jennifer Hudson because the definition of the word is changed thanks to the ignorance of the speaker. I see women, escorts and actresses and models alike, described as having “slim and voluptuous curves”. No, that doesn’t work. It’s a bit like saying that you have, “a tall and diminutive stature”.

A voluptuous woman has dramatic curves marked by larger breasts and wider, fuller, feminine hips. Similarly buxom, when describing a woman’s figure, was a woman who was “plump” and full-breasted. I dislike the acronym BBW and do not use it to describe myself. It has become fetishized and I have no interest in attracting anyone who fetishizes my figure– there is a difference between adoring my body as it is and projecting certain assumptions onto it and the person embodying it.

I find that many people are surprised to encounter someone, Companion or not, who is so exacting in her words. I’m rarely at a loss for words, even if I do choose to be quiet for, say, propriety’s sake or because I want to observe more than I want to interact at that point. But trust me, I don’t “stutter”.

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