On Long Appointments

This post was completely inspired by this essay on the blog called Tits and Sass. The essay, “Surviving Long Appointments” is a compilation of tips on how to, well, survive long appointments. I’ve yet to have a problem with keeping my attention on my patron and developing the conversation further, which requires skill and one usually can’t “wing it”. This is one of the most important things to consider when entering a realm of escorting when you are truly providing companionship. It’s not for everyone, and that’s okay. We all have our strengths. I’m naturally curious, so when meeting someone new or talking to someone about one of their favored pasttimes, it is easy for me to keep my attention. But I learned how to pay attention even if the person is boring (extremely rare) or a slow-talker from childhood: my own father can talk without taking a breath for 30 minutes, usually about some computer system. I used to just ‘smile and nod’ as a teenager but as an adult woman I know how to keep my ears open and ask questions showing interest. This post is a great illustration of why some of us have such detailed screening processes and recommend clients to read our blog. Hopefully, we can avoid much of this unpleasantness and will have a fairly diverse list of topics for an engaging conversation.

One of the points that was brought up is one I agree with, making sure the provider has some ‘me’ time of her own, especially on an overnight or multi-day appointment. I think most patrons will understand this but there are always the few for whom this simple concept will be foreign. In short, your companion is a human. All humans, no matter how gregarious and amiable and extroverted, need their alone time. My overnight and multiday appointments are usually outside of Chicago and since I require my own accommodations apart from the client’s, my ‘alone time’ is pretty much built into my rate structure. Some providers won’t do this believing it will scare off clients, and I’m sure it does. At the same time, my patrons or interested future patrons always know where I stand.

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