Website is Live!

You may find my official website here.

I want to thank Good Girl Media for a fantastic site. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Holly and the rest of the team. They are professional, friendly, and affordable and I highly recommend them. Also, again, I want to thank Kriss Abigail for the fantastic pictures she took of me last month. I look forward to working with her again before the end of the summer for a second set of photographs.

Believe me, you won't want to steal this.

Claudia’s rose

You will notice the picture on the left on my website. It is a logo I drew myself, my personal rose indicating the sub rosa principle I work by. I will be on my business cards and on this site as well. I drew the rose with a dip pen and acrylic ink, as well as a standard small brush for the touches of “dew” on the rose, which is made of silvery acrylic ink.

A word of caution to any would-be thieves: I still retain the original picture with my signature. This makes it officially my intellectual property. If you want me to doodle a picture for you, just let me know. But don’t take mine.

About Claudia Christophe

Professional, sensual Companion for discerning gentlemen. I am based in Chicago, but I am available to travel worldwide.
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