Oh, really?

This post is more of a “Things You May Have Never Guessed About Claudia” edition. This is by no means exhaustive. You will have the chance to find out much more during a lovely and entertaining rendezvous with me.

I also love internet memes.

I thoroughly enjoy watching MMA (mixed martial arts) fights. Many people find them objectionable and animalistic, but it is that very rawness that draws me to the sports. If I lived in ancient Roman times, I would have enjoyed Gladiator fights as well. Although, not so much the execution part if the gladiator didn’t make the reigning emperor happy….

My dream retirement is to have a ranch or country cottage surrounded by rescued dogs (Pit Bulls and American Staffordshire Terriers, especially) and cats. Some strange combination of crazy dog lady and crazy cat lady….

I absolutely hate romantic comedies, post-1980s anyway. Most current-day romantic movies turn me off completely since they always seem to involve two characters so deficient in intelligence or sense that it is truly a loss for humanity that they should ever mate and reproduce. I will vote to watch a mindlessly violent action movie over a mindless romantic movie (comedy or not) every time. I credit my brothers….

That said, a romantic movie from the 1940s or 1950s or even the 1960s will make me happy every time. Hepburn (Katharine or Audrey), Tracy, Bogart, Stewart, etc. Roman Holiday and Bringing Up Baby are my favorites. Any romantic musical with Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire also makes me very happy. I credit my parents….

I also have an obsession with B-movies, thanks to dedicated viewing of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 growing up. It definitely formed the wit I have today, especially when commenting on movies. Also, love cheesy television shows. The more Velveeta, the better! Again, my brothers….

Pictured: my generation’s wish for the End Times. Gods help us.

Truly typical of so many people I know in my generation, a slight obsession with the concept of a Zombie Apocalypse. I explain it away as a metaphor of the general mindlessness of the times as well as a good way to know whether or not you are actually prepared in the event of a catastrophe and have to rely on your own wits, yada, yada, yada. And this looks like a fun afternoon!

I prefer to dress in fashions from the 1940s and 1950s…even into the early 1960s. The main reason is because fashions from that era were made to fit a range of female figures: from Katharine Hepburn’s athletic, boyish physique to Audrey Hepburn’s petite physique to Jayne Mansfield’s va-va-voom voluptuous hourglass. While fashion is accepting and remembering that those of us with the voluptuous hourglass still enjoy being fashionable and love our shapes, it still has a way to go. I also like those fashions because they knew well how to navigate the overlap of elegant and sexy without ever plunging into trashy. To that end, online shoppes such as Pin-Up Girl Clothing and Stop Staring! are my favorites. Though, for more modern cuts, I go to Kiyonna.

Not quite THIS intense…

I would like to learn how to hunt with a variety of weapons. Including traditional methods with a bow and arrow. Despite my rather glam exterior, I am surprisingly outdoorsy. I also like hiking and old-school camping. A cabin with indoor plumbing, enough electricity to run a city, and all the comforts of civilization rather defeats the point of going into the wilderness in my opinion. That said, any spider that crosses my path will find its life forfeit under the heaviest shoe I can lay my hands on…

Finally, I am a member of one of the oldest sororities in existence. Yes, really. So old, it was actually called a “women’s fraternity” at first because the term sorority was not in use at the time.  That said, I’m not an involved member. I think the primary reason I was recruited was because of: 1) my looks; 2) my fashion sense; 3) the fact that I came from an upper middle-class family; and to a lesser extent, 4) my GPA.

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5 Responses to Oh, really?

  1. You and I have a LOT in common!

    I love MMA, and lightweight boxing too, and I do have an intense inner need to be a survivalist, although I’m deathly afraid of bugs, and would be no good on a camping trip. I’d be bitching and moaning the whole way! LOL

  2. We do! Must be why we get along so well! 🙂

    I had to laugh out loud when I read about your fear of bugs and how that’d affect a camping trip. I had this visual of you screaming and squishing every moving thing with your shoe. I’m more accepting of bugs in their environment than in my own….with the exception of spiders. They always have to die. Period. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200 or My Soul (that’s what spiders, do, right? Eat our souls with those pincers and beady little eyes?…).

  3. It’s a must, honey. I do NOT play with spiders! LOL

    I’d be up with a flashlight and a shoe all night, feeling shivers up my spine. Though a part of me wants to be brave and eat the bastards if push came to shove. I’ve looked into a couple of survivalist camps in Texas, but I’m too chicken to go alone. Surprisingly, so are most of the male members of my family.

  4. This Canadian lifestyle magazine, Sympatico, did a list of strange foods from around the world and tarantulas were included. Yeah, no. They will only be considered if chewing off my other fingers would put me in a worse situation than I’m already in.

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