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Ecce Oh-No!

By now you’ve heard and seen the controversial and unauthorized restoration of a 19th century fresco in a small church in Borja, Zaragoza, Spain entitled Ecce Homo by the Spanish artist Elías García Martínez. It was done by a well-meaning … Continue reading

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Poetry is the one of the forms of writing that I am completely uncomfortable with composing myself. I have learned to enjoy certain genres of poetry; in this, I include songwriting. The other form is writing erotica. It’s certainly not … Continue reading

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On Disagreements, Compliments, and Complements

Disagreements: Agree to disagree. It’s a good principal to live by, especially when interacting with other humans. I had an experience of agreeing to disagree with someone on a rather trivial topic. Or at least a topic that wouldn’t make … Continue reading

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