Class Act

I am always excited to encounter people in the demimonde who are truly classy and operate their business with pride and elegance. With this in mind, I want to publicly thank Open Adult Directory for have a responsive staff who addressed my concerns quickly and with honesty. I noticed, randomly, that my listing on OAD was no longer there.

When I requested the listing in June of this year, there was a follow up email asking if it was possible that I move their banner further up the page if possible. I replied that it was not. Fast-forward to this past Wednesday and I see that my listing was not there. I wondered if it was because I could not move their banner up and so I expressed that concern in an email. To be honest, I was terse but still respectful. I wasn’t sure the response I would receive as some escort advertisers can be total jackasses to providers. To my great relief, OAD is not that type of advertiser. They assured me that the request is truly just a request (and not secretly mandatory) and made sure that my listing was replaced though they are unsure about why it was removed in the first place. But the entire situation was handled smoothly, so I am very happy for that.

Finding places to advertise are a tricky beast. Quite often the old axiom of “birds of a feather” is a good one to follow so that you receive the correct traffic for your niche. And, like with providers, it is highly subjective and ymmv. But Open Adult Directory definitely has made me a fan.

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Professional, sensual Companion for discerning gentlemen. I am based in Chicago, but I am available to travel worldwide.
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