A lesson in discretion and ethics

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A lot of people, both inside and outside of the demimonde, lack a basic understanding of the difference between expensive and high-end, as far as niches. Increasingly, with our ever devolving society, there is a lack of respect for discretion in general.

Amanda Brooks wrote an excellent article, complete with a table for comparison, on the difference between expensive and high-end. This week, Girl-Directory ran an article about an expensive escort who apparently is unfamiliar with the concept of discretion. As well as basic decency. Despite what those who disapprove of our little world believe, most of the escorts I know are very moral people, especially when it comes to discretion. I shared this article with a couple other Companions I know and the unanimous response was a jaw-drop followed by “She did WHAT?!?!”

Breaches such as this merely fuel the argument from certain types of clients against screening that requires them to give actual information, such as legal names and ID checks. But that argument reminds me of those used by those who are anti-pornography whenever a performer tests positive for HIV/AIDS. Never mind the rarity of this, it happened and so it will be used to generalize a wildly diverse and overall successfully self-regulated industry.

According to the article, this isn’t the first time this woman has acted without even the slightest consideration for ethics or principles on a very public forum. I would assume that men who see her understand that she has no respect for their privacy. I’m sure it is a thrill for some. I just wonder at the extent of her lack of ethical behavior and if her carefree behavior extends to certain sexual hygiene considerations as well. I hate to think that of a colleague and yet….part of being discreet is being hygienic.

The only thing any Companion should leave her or his client with is a big, happy, satisfied smile and great memories to be evoked at private moments.

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