Why I do not discuss politics online

Despite my recent post on chivalry and feminism. And despite the fact that I am a sex worker rights’ activist both online and offline (though not the latter as much anymore due to time constraints). You may have even read some of my posts under that other identity.

yellingNonetheless, even with the online activism through my other blog, I don’t engage too much in political debates online. It can be tiresome and it is far too easy to spin out of control. The amount of libel that can be published while you are sleeping is astronomical. More than that, it is a bit like controlling a wildfire: that is to say, nearly impossible. Just get out a hose and hope that it will go away.

More and more, it seems as though people go out of their way to purposely misread a post or an article. I’m sure I have been guilty of that myself. My personality and demeanor is much better suited to one-on-one conversation or even that of a small gathering (less than 5).

As a Companion who considers herself a modern-day courtesan, it is important that I display my intellect in addition to my beauty, sexuality, and sensuality. These latter traits are evident via pictures. But it is the intellect that has to be displayed in blog posts or message board posts. It gets messy and so I rarely do so, at least regarding politics. But lest anyone, Companion, potential client, or curious onlooker alike, believe I lack the ability to do so let me give a summary of my personal politics and the media which I use to form my opinions.

earth-from-spaceMy politics are based on global issues more than anything else. While I may live and work in Chicago, I do not plan to stay here much longer. I take a very international perspective on issues and I do not believe that America is the center of all things important. Though I may have very proper views on interpersonal, public behavior (etiquette, that is), I am not conservative by a long shot. I can talk, in person, to people of all different political persuasions. In fact, the only people I simply can’t deal with are those who would never want to be in a room with a woman who looks like I do, so that has never been a problem.

My media consumption is diverse and multilingual: Le Monde (in French & English), El País (in Spanish & English), al-Jazeera (using translation software & its English edition), The Atlantic, Haaretz, Cato, MSNBC, the BBC, McClatchy, Foreign Policy, Spiegel (English version), Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and Glenn Greenwald’s columns in The Guardian. I read or watch (as applicable) each of these outlets, among others such as ArtInfo (art historian, after all), at least once a week. I don’t even fool myself into thinking that I can understand everything that is happening in the world at once. That is impossible and delusional. But this is where conversation comes in. Even on topics I am very passionate about, such as education, sex work, migration, poverty, and liberty, I can hold civil conversation and can empathize with an opposing viewpoint.

Of course, the best discussions, of anything, always take place in person.

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