Wit and wisdom

BBC News ran an article about puns and whether or not they are an example of high-brow wit or low-brow wit.

homersimpson46Personally, I love a good pun. Yes, sometimes they can be run into the ground, with the participants stretching the pun beyond what could still be considered funny. This from a woman who has participated in a 24-hour pun trading session via Facebook. But I think they are certainly a good mental exercise. To be honest, many of the people I know who dislike wit in the form of puns, sarcasm, or snark usually don’t understand what is being said but are too prideful to admit that they don’t “get it”.

What ever the expression of humor, it will always be disliked by some. I generally dislike Jerry Lewis-type slapstick comedy. Odd, I know, as someone who posted a picture of Homer Simpson, who is very slapstick at times. I also like American Dad! at times. I love the dark, irreverent humor of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I watch Archer almost religiously. Lots of others would be offended from the first minute. I try to keep my humors balanced.

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