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Talking about myself in my bio and ads is extremely difficult for me. I’m not the type of woman who can brag about myself for more than one line, nor can I compose any “oh me so horny” copy, though … Continue reading

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Music and the Beast

The New York Times featured an article, “Why Music Makes Our Brain Sing” on the chemical and physiological effects of music on the human brain. It is wonderfully scientific and technical: “More than a decade ago, our research team used … Continue reading

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More science!

Science Daily is quickly becoming one of my favorite science journals to read online. Like my previous post, this one reinforces my love of being nerdy. This article on Science Daily talks about the gamer’s ability to process visual input … Continue reading

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This is why I love science fiction

What’s this? A new post? I know, I know. Try not to swoon, everyone, I’m fresh out of smelling salts. I read an article on Science Daily about an experiment which saw a model helicopter fly with the power of … Continue reading

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