This is why I love science fiction

What’s this? A new post? I know, I know. Try not to swoon, everyone, I’m fresh out of smelling salts.

I read an article on Science Daily about an experiment which saw a model helicopter fly with the power of human thought. Not quite telekinesis but almost there! This step in human evolution and scientific knowledge could give renewed hope to those who have lost varying degrees of physical mobility. What does that have to do with science fiction? Everything! If we were told in the year 2000 that in a mere thirteen years, science will have figured out how to develop automatons that could be powered by human thought, the reaction would have been one of disbelief. Science fiction is becoming fact.


Caution: does not work on wood or around hairdryers.

I think we’d be hard-pressed to find a scientist, especially in the fields of technology, astronomy, and/or physics (to start), who was not inspired by science fiction to pursue a career in science. We have 3D printers now that will one day be the ancient ancestors of machines not unlike the replicators on Star Trek. Eventually 3D movies could turn into holodecks (also thanks to Star Trek). A real life sonic screwdriver like The Doctor has? Yes please! And please, please do create a TARDIS soon. Us science fiction geeks saw these things growing up and said, “Yeah, let’s do that!”

And with this experiment, dare I ask, will we stumble upon a bonafide expression of cosmic energy that we’d probably call The Force? Hey, the participants in this experiment may be the “first class” of Jedi for future generations. Who knows? But this is the cool thing about science, in general, and especially science fiction. Inspiration, innovation, and even art.

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