Nothing new under the sun

I visited a museum today, here in my new city. Since I’ve been here, it is my fifth visit. I absolutely adore it. I’m not sure how it compares is square footage with the Art Institute in Chicago, it is no less culturally rich. I walked through the Asian Art section, specifically Chinese art. Within that section, I saw a set of six plates with erotic scenes depicted upon it. The style was very reminiscent of similar ancient Greek dinnerware, which just goes to show that humans have forever enjoyed artistic depictions of sex and furthermore, that sex and food go together like peanut butter and jelly. The plates were made in the 1700s, though I am not sure if they were made for a Western or Chinese patron.

Unfortunately, the Minneapolis Institute of Art does not have pictures of the plates online, and I think we can all figure out why. So I took pictures myself to upload to this post. They’re taken on not-so-awesome phone so please excuse their quality.






























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