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A Couple Conversing in an Interior by Jacob Toorenvliet

A Couple Conversing in an Interior by Jacob Toorenvliet

I have written before about my natural inclination to being a professional Companion, primarily the non-sexual part. Some escorts attempt to do the same though their disposition isn’t well-suited to that service. It is not better or less than other forms of erotic service, but one simply needs to go with their strengths in whatever they do, adult service provider or not. If I ever doubted whether this ability of mine to have an in-depth conversation, I was disabused of those doubts today.

Near my new apartment is a lovely park, with well-shaded benches situated right next to a lake where people kayak and sail and all other lake related activities….except swimming. I sat on a bench to eat lunch because eating between four walls all the time can easily become boring. Also, today was a wonderful break from the sweltering heat of the past week and a half. After I finished lunch, I sat on the beach longer since today was a day off for me. I had my headphones on loud but I heard a voice ask if they could share the bench with me. I turned to see a nice, grandmotherly woman with heavy shopping bags. I said ‘of course’ and made room for her to sit.

Before I knew it, we were in a conversation that would eventually last two hours. Though my grandmother’s age, we found a lot in common in our upbringing and that of our families customs. We both despaired over the current state of the economy, the general rudeness and ignorance in society, and how much worse things will probably get before they get better. She grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota and while I am definitely a city-bred girl, I have plenty of family who did grow up on farms in the South, with varying levels of wealth, which easily took up 30 minutes of the conversation.

We talked about education for a long time. She has a great-niece who is headed to grad school who she is concerned about financially. Anyone who has even looked at a graduate school course knows how expensive it is, yet for some disciplines it is absolutely required and increasingly it is required for basic jobs…which is ridiculous. Anyway, my new friend, having grown up in a time when a high school education was enough to get a job to support oneself and family, was unclear about what the point of graduate school is so I explained that and my own plans for the future.

In short, there is always something to talk about with your fellow human being, regardless of age, social class, race, religion, or all those other differences that we make more out of than they actually are. But it is easier when one is a good listener and a good conversationalist. Both of these qualities are necessary in professional Companionship. And as this 2 hour conversation without any breaks proves, this is why multi-hour minimums are the standard for courtesans of the classic mold or providers who call themselves Companionship. The conversation I had with my new friend is one that I can easily have with a gentleman patron. But, of course with patrons, there will probably be some…*ahem* after-dinner entertainment to follow.

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