What’s the point?

couple ignoring each other while one uses a smartphoneI went to a restaurant today for lunch. By myself, which I appreciate on occasion. But while I was there, I noticed a couple a table or two over. I would say that they were probably about 5-7 years older than I am. Clearly not on a date nor are they a new couple at all; I tried to spy their hands to see wedding rings but I couldn’t tell at the distance. About ten minutes after sitting at the table, they both take out their iPhones and start to watch television shows.

I don’t get it. What is the point of going out to a restaurant together only to be apart at the table? In the entire time I was there, the only time I saw them interacting was to order food. This is the behavior of a couple that is too secure, in my opinion. That overconfidence in the security of the relationship can too easily lead to taking your partner for granted. Which just leads to other problems.

This is what I detest about the technology that is at our fingertips right now. People have become so unconsciously rude at best and passive-aggressive rude at worst. The almost symbiotic relationship a lot of people have with their phones these days is discouraging. I am no Luddite, but I think I’ve established myself as someone who insists on etiquette and strong interpersonal encounters. This is also why escorts who provide companionship in multi-hour appointments usually have strong provisions against clients (and themselves) whipping out the phone during the appointment. It’s rude and after all, if you’re out with another person isn’t the point to interact and have enjoyable experiences together? If not, what is the point?

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  2. Mike Thursday says:

    You are absolutely correct. As with everything there is a time and a place for one’s mobile to provide entertainment and that is a bus, taxi or train ride (using headphones if necessary). When my lady and I go out to dine it is because we communicate better away from distractions.
    Clearly you prefer to people watch even when dining alone…

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  4. I probably wouldn’t have noticed the couple if they weren’t in my line of sight. And since there were so few people in the restaurant at the time, the lack of conversation was even more glaring.

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