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The Art of the Courtesan

Sex is an artform that needs be cultivated and honed, not shamed and disregarded to the rubbish bin. Sensuality is key in getting the most out of sex, experiencing the totality of this wonderful force of Nature without which none … Continue reading

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Art of Decadence

An argument has been put forth in the art magazine Hyperallergic, to view performance art of the nightlife, experienced in bars, discotheques, lounges, and the like, as genuine fine art. Certainly, this has been true in sex work for centuries, … Continue reading

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Old Myths, New Myths: Humanity Explains the World

I love reading and hearing mythology and folklore. Storytelling and comprehending the larger world around us, and our part in it, is what makes humans human. That is, until we translate dog barks and cat meows to human speech, because … Continue reading

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Art and Sex

Nothing makes me happier than art and sex, well besides a delicious meal with champagne, and when the two come together, oh I hear the angels singing. There is a new anniversary printing of a book written by art historian … Continue reading

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The Best Laid Plans Gone Awry

Well, that was an experience. I moved to Minneapolis in July in the hopes of starting a brief mainstream career there and eventually making an entree into the demimonde of the Twin Cities. Long story short, I ended up back … Continue reading

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