The Art of the Courtesan

Sex is an artform that needs be cultivated and honed, not shamed and disregarded to the rubbish bin. Sensuality is key in getting the most out of sex, experiencing the totality of this wonderful force of Nature without which none of us would be here. Professionals who take their job seriously and consider it a calling make a study of sex and sensuality, though this isn’t acknowledged in our generally sex-negative society. This is why we professional Companions are a necessity to society as opposed to an incidental occurrence of whatever economic boogeyman sticks in your craw. 

Philosopher Alain de Botton has a book out, How to Think More About Sex, and one of my favorite online sites, Brain Pickings, highlighted it and the general topic of how society thinks of sex. Too bad sex professionals weren’t included in the discussion, eh? The introduction to the book is strongly reminiscent of Camille Paglia’s general philosophy about human sexuality, specifically what she talked about in Sexual Personae; I wonder if he gave her a nod of acknowledgement for saying this over 20 years ago? I disagree with his argument that the “mesmerism of sex” is not in the physical act but in the emotional attachment; you can’t realistically separate the physical from the emotional when it comes to sex, since none of us are robots. It’s a simplistic worldview that attempts to do this, just as the people who think sacred sex and secular sex are mutually exclusive instead of existing on a continuum. Non-linear, ever-evolving continuum. The continuing contamination of Puritanism and prudishness in the sexual realm is so boring and counterproductive to the enjoyment of sex and sensuality in itself, in the moment. We can find whatever we want to find in sex, which is fine, but let’s be conscious of that instead of thinking there is a “wrong” and “right” way to have consensual sexual relations.

That said, I do believe people should make a serious study of sexual pleasure for its own sake. The people who get bored or disgusted by sex generally have a very one-dimensional view of it, which is fine sometimes, but it will create discord when that one dimension is found wanting for any number of reasons. These are the people who create problems in society as they try to make their own sexual problems everyone else’s problem. Whether one wants to rut like an animal or feel they are communicating with the divine makes no difference to me, but it is great to be able to move between the two extremes and every delectable step in between.

Mmm, have some sexy music:

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  1. Interesting and good read C.C. Would have to agree with you in regards to the “mesmerism of sex” is not either physical or emotional but both, being they both can cause a state of hypnotism and as you stated, when it comes to sex, physical and emotions go hand in hand.

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