A- From the Greek meaning “without”. First letter in and I’m already splitting hairs. Ah well. Two words that fit me best in this category are agnostic and apolitical.

Very briefly, I was an atheist but it did not stick. That said, I truly believe it is a human conceit to assume we can know enough about reality to confirm or deny existence of the divine. I can understand both arguments for and against an acknowledgement of a Goddess or God or any number of deities and supernatural entities. Most importantly, I believe in something bigger than myself. As a human, I know I have a great deal of free will and I exercise it as responsibly as possible, which I think should be the goal of all beings. At the same time, I have had experiences that indicate a guiding hand, for good or ill. Of course, this is an interpretation I choose to see and someone with a differing philosophy would have a different viewpoint. But that’s reality for you. I personally lean toward the pagan, specifically goddesses, gods, and other entities with a strong and positive (mostly) sexual energies such as Oshun, Aphrodite, or Naamah. Like everyone else who has ever drawn breath, I will not have confirmation on these ideas until the very end, which is a very long way away!

Ah politics…… Let me say this at the start: do not confuse my apolitical attitude with an apathetic attitude toward politics. Indeed, my passion for politics and the issues therein run deep and wide. My experience and views lie far outside the American 2-party system and none of the other 3rd party groups wholly appeal. I am definitely not a conservative though an opinion or two may place me closer to their camp these days due to an adoption of victimhood by groups who should know better. The political atmosphere in America, overall, is so toxic these days and more often than not I find myself reaching for a gas mask just to make it through a conversation these days; that’s even with people who are ostensibly “in my camp”! Since I have yet (YET) to be named Eternal Empress of the World, I must navigate this political landscape (minefield?) as best I can. So I read as many newspapers as I can and form opinions appropriate to the situation at hand. Being a critical thinker more than a reactionary, these opinions are amenable to being reconsidered as new information is brought to light.


Stay tuned for the rest of the Soup!

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