This is very similar to ‘niche,’ which will be my entry for the letter N, and as I will mention in my ‘niche’ entry, I do not use this word out of a desire to place myself on a pedestal but merely stating a rather mundane fact when considering the sum of my parts. Occasionally when ‘extraordinary’ has been used to describe me, it is because the speaker holds such a low view of other people who tick off some of the same appearance-based boxes I do. I aim to traverse the boundaries and boxes expected of me in any respect. I like to keep people on their toes, with mostly pleasant surprises (but that will depend on your personal biases). Most of us in the demimonde describe ourselves as extraordinary in some way, perhaps using different words or phrases such as, “not the usual escort” or “not the girl-next-door” or even “exotic”.

I learned a new term recently, ‘normcore’. The basic concept is all about conforming and not standing out, primarily in a fashion sense it seems. The perks of being a wallflower, indeed. Truly there are occasions in which standing out is decidedly not a positive. You will never see me arguing against that. At times ‘normcore’ seems to be a synonym for ‘classic,’ which is fine because I do prefer a classic style of fashion with some trendy pieces included. But I am not a fan of conformity as it means sublimating individuality. We all have our comfort zones and we should work within them, but to conform and contort oneself to fit? Not worth the effort.

I stand out in a crowd, if for no other reason than being a voluptuous young woman standing at a statuesque 5’9″ (sans heels), elegantly dressed, and exuding an undeniable charm and confidence. To say nothing of my unabashed joy in sexual pleasure which, unfortunately, isn’t held by many people.  My voice is smoky and heavy with wit and intelligence and no small amount of flirtation in the right circumstances; I speak softly and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve ever raised my voice yet my words are always heeded nonetheless. I speak with certainty but without arrogance. This is simply who I am in or out of the demimonde, before I entered and will continue to be after I depart.

I’ve been described using many words, not always so kind or positive, but one thing I’ve never been considered is ordinary.


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