Greek word for “beautiful buttocks”

abDSC_9613The Romanized version of this word is spelled with a ‘c’, but the first time I came across it was in an historical text written in Greek (which lacked a ‘c’ in their alphabet) so this spelling has stuck with me. This is a title or moniker of the Goddess of Beauty, Sex, Sensuality, Love and Matron of Sacred Prostitution, Aphrodite.

My own kallipygian form is newly celebrated in mainstream culture…a little bit. I remember a time not too long ago when beautiful bodies as possessed by women like Christina Hendricks, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, or Salma Hayek, with their generous and beautifully formed derrieres would have been roundly dismissed as unattractive, especially by those outside of the Latin or African-American or Italian communities (though previous eras appreciated the shapely, voluptuous feminine form). Regardless of fads, I love my rounded yet toned, generously formed, and unabashedly feminine derriere.

Kallipygian is one of my favorite Greek terms, such a classy way to say, “I have a heavenly ass!”

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