Your Brain on Sex

Several months ago I read the abstract of a study about the effects of sex on brain function. The study, like many scientific lab studies, was carried out on rats which can then be extrapolated onto the human population. In short, sex is fantastic for your brain function, especially in your middle and late ages.

I wish this information would be shouted from the rooftops. Sex only gets better with age, everyone! Women, especially, need to hear this. Don’t pack it in just because you’re done with having children. I wasn’t able to read the study due to it having a limited access. I would assume that masturbation would also have this same effect (as opposed to only partner sex), for those who do not have a sex partner. My greatest desire is to be sexual well into my golden years, barring any serious disease or health issue. I don’t plan on letting silver or grey hairs decide whether or not I’ll remain sexually active. Food and sex nourish body and soul equally and I plan to have a lifelong appreciation for both.

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