check boxBeing a Professional Companion in a niche market is often an indicator of exclusivity and elite status in the demimonde. To be a true rarity compared to our colleagues can be a double-edged sword. A Companion who is niche needs to be comfortable with the fact that you will have a smaller collection of clients though they are a lot more likely to be true patrons, that is to say, regulars.

Niche is one of those misused words in the demimonde. What is considered mainstream and the standard in the mundane world is also mainstream in the demimonde, especially regarding looks, race, and intelligence. There is nothing wrong with being average or typical though every last person on Earth has something unique about them. But that’s not niche. If you deviate more from the norm in multiple ways (as described above) than you conform to it, then yes that is niche.

As a “full-figured”, mixed race, college-educated woman from a family who was middle-class even before they left the Deep South a little over a generation ago, who has a high minimum patronage fee, I stand out from most other escorts who tick a couple of those same boxes. I am niche and I don’t say this out of snobbery or a need to seem more exclusive than I am; in this case, it is merely a statement of fact. There are many ways in which I could conform to the norm or what is “expected” from “a woman like [me]”. I could: lower my rate; downplay my intellect; apologize for my obvious bourgeois upbringing; or compromise my ethics regarding my self-esteem and sense of worth. But….that’s not going to happen. Ever.

About Claudia Christophe

Professional, sensual Companion for discerning gentlemen. I am based in Chicago, but I am available to travel worldwide.
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