sunny dayI’m not one of those perpetually optimistic types. I absolutely acknowledge reality and all its, sometimes annoying, complexity. However, i also know how much worse any given situation could be. I figure, if you’re still alive and kicking, there’s still a chance for things to improve. Sometimes opportunity is in disguise, hidden under several layers of slap. I’m not a born optimist; this trait was acquired through life experiences and learning as much as possible from them. A few years after losing a childhood friend to a preventable disease to live life as fully as possible and not only see the downside of it. To find as much beauty and sweetness as possible, even in dire situations. My parents are both born optimists and before the wisdom of my now 33 years, I found this quirk extremely annoying. But now I get it. Yes, with age comes wisdom.

As I said, my optimism doesn’t see to ignore reality when the situation is dismal and especially if true injustices and unfairness is being meted out by powers beyond my control. But my optimism refuses to give undue energy to the negative. Life is far too short for that.

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