With all my love…

Nandoye and Nangini, Hands Joined. Africa. Photo by Herb Ritts, 1993.

Nandoye and Nangini, Hands Joined. Africa. Photo by Herb Ritts, 1993.

One of my favorite literary courtesans talked about how she loved all of her patrons, some only a little bit and others to a great depth. I would say this opinion would be held by many professional Companions in the real world as well. The general public, and even quite a few people in our little world would balk at the notion of a Companion loving her or his patrons, “even a little bit”. That money is involved makes many people feel that neutralizes the possibility for genuine emotions in the relationship though that’s a bit of an oversimplification of any human interaction. Those in the helping, hospitality, and service professions certainly have patients or patrons or customers that they love “even a little bit” and money changes hands for the environment created by the provider, be they a therapist, a nurse or doctor, servers, etc.

When we (humans in general) say ‘love’, we tend to assume it is either romantic or familial with nothing much in between. Hence the skepticism of the expression of love by a courtesan described in the aforementioned paragraph. But there are different types of love, six types according to the ancient Greeks. One of the types described in the article is a Latin, not a Greek term, but as philosophies between Rome and Greece were shared (and ‘stolen’) on a regular basis, I’m sure there is a Greek term but we are just unaware of it.

I won’t lie or exaggerate. I do not love every human I come across. There are quite a few who I detest. My love is not unconditional nor open to disregard and abuse. But in my work as a Companion, I have been fortunate so far to have at least agape for all I have met. More than fortune working its magic has been screening and presenting myself truly and not as a fictionalized persona. I suck at marketing myself, quite honestly, and I think that is the reason why. Though details may change, such as my name, my self never has and never will. I won’t become one of the embittered, former Companions in the future who got tired of putting on too intricate of a performance for too long. Like me, love me, hate me…it makes no difference. I am who I am, always.

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Professional, sensual Companion for discerning gentlemen. I am based in Chicago, but I am available to travel worldwide.
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