Dancing the Paphian Jig

Brothel fresco in Pompeii

Brothel fresco in Pompeii

Mental Floss published an article, 31 Adorable Slang Terms for Sexual Intercourse From the Last 600 Years,  some months ago about old-timey names for having sex. We humans clearly love our euphemisms for anything having to do with sex. While I generally roll my eyes at certain slang terms for ‘having sex’ because most of the terms come from a place of shame and adding unnecessary, burdensome taboos on sex, these terms are hilarious. The title of this post is one such term listed in the article, “Dance the Paphian Jig”.

For those of you who can’t recall your ancient Greek mythology, Paphos is both the name of the son of Pygmalion and is the birthplace of the Goddess of Sexuality, Love, Sensuality, Beauty, and Prostitutes, Aphrodite (who, in turn, did a little favor for her supplicant Pygmalion which I’m sure you’ll recall). Now that term makes sense, right? And as Aphrodite is the Patroness of all prostitutes and courtesans, naturally, I’d choose that one for my post. So, darlings, let’s jig.

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