blackcouplekissing_AMR019In this episode, science gives a technical explanation for why humans (and other primates) kiss. That is, if you really need that technical explanation. For me, the simple fact that a (good) kiss feels incredible. It’s foreplay, helping to build erotic anticipation, continues to create that warm, comfortable, welcoming environment in which sex, hopefully good sex, will take place. Delightful teasing of pleasures yet to come. Kissing basics really need to be taught because way too many people confuse kissing with taking a Godzilla-sized chomp of their partner’s lips. Or randomly and forcefully darting their tongue into the other’s mouth like a doctor trying to take a temperature reading in the middle of a toddler’s tantrum.

Kissing is very intuitive and sensual. There are techniques, obviously, and every sex manual discusses them in depth (said sex manual authors’ opinions about women notwithstanding). But like every other art, practice makes perfect. The erotic arts require as much practice as dancing or singing or acting. Everyone can do basic artistic performances and this tends to lead people to assume no further instruction or concentration is needed on the subject, especially that of sex. This is wrong, of course, as there is nothing worse than a bad kisser and those who are good kissers have definitely had a lot of practice and made it a point to make their kisses something to be enjoyed by both parties. Being open to instruction is a good way to turn a bad kisser into a good kisser and later into a fantastic kisser.

I planted my first kiss on a boy at age 3; he was 3 years old as well. My parents and his parents, thinking it was adorable, took pictures of it, so I actually have a picture of my first kiss, chaste and cheek-based though it was. The look on his face was priceless. Now older, wiser, and thankfully less chaste, my kisses still make guys happy.

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