funny-thanksgiving-turkey-jokeHappy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hopefully there is at least one thing in your life that you can give thanks for on Thursday. It’s a family day, but family definitely is not always determined by blood. I have a generally good relationship with mine though good gods do we frustrate each other at times. My best friends, of which there are three, are like sisters to me and the longest of those relationships is 15 years old as of September. I’m thankful for a great many things that I won’t expound upon here, but what I will say is that I am extremely thankful that I do not work retail anymore! The memory of the years of working on Black Friday still makes gooseflesh break out on my skin. If you are part of the growing legion that just can’t wait for your turkey to be digested on Thursday before you’re out shopping, I hope that you’ll be kind to the employees in the store who are working out of a strong need to put food on their families tables. Don’t trample and don’t get trampled on, it’s not that serious. Really. It’s not.

However you celebrate Thanksgiving Thursday, have a great one!

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