Even though Stephen Colbert is the most recent and famous user of this word, and his unique definition of it (heh), it’s been in the dictionary for over a century. Personally, I’m trying to avoid using the word “authentic” or “genuine” too much, so “truthiness” is a tongue-in-cheek substitute.

I don’t present a personality that would be unfamiliar to friends or family; outside of a stage name, I am who I am. It’s much easier to be myself than a persona. For some escorts, they work better with a persona. That’s simply not how I work and the only way one is better than the other is if it doesn’t compromise one’s comfort or safety. I’m also not much of an ego-stroker, though I know that is a stereotype of escorts. You know, the pro who will say anything just to make you happy and get more money.

That said, I don’t criticize just to criticize; how tacky. After all, I’m a conversationalist and hostility and fawning are two sides of the same boring coin when it comes to social interactions. But as a witty, intelligent, and highly observant woman, I can almost always find positive points and aspects of every person I meet and I absolutely voice my appreciation of those traits.

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Professional, sensual companion for discerning gentlemen.
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