This is on a t-shirt, which I should like to have one day.

This is on a t-shirt, which I should like to have one day.

Oshun, Aphrodite, and other goddesses whose divine domains include sexual pleasure and some form of professional-spiritual sexual services are always described as “laughter-loving”. laughter can be a powerful turn-on and so it is appropriate for a Professional Companion to have a well-developed sense of humor. I’m not particularly great at joke telling, you either have the right timing or you don’t, but I am great at making witty observations and, when the situation is appropriate, snappy rejoinders. I have a few friends who are professional stand-up comedians and I thoroughly admire their talent for doing so.

My grandfather tells horribly corny jokes, making the entire room give an audible but good-natured groan and eye roll. When I was younger, it used to embarrass me when grands would tell one of his jokes out in public and there was a cute boy nearby. Now? Not so much. It’ll be one of my fondest memories of him. Anyway, grands is probably the reason why I love hearing corny jokes…well, that and a steady diet of Monty Python and Benny Hill in my girlhood. My submission to the Ministry of Silly Walks available by request and for private performance only, as I prefer to keep public faux pas to a minimum.

Beyond humor, my wit is sharp. I’m highly observant and empathetic, both of which has made me an excellent conversationalist. It is an art and for some, an innate ability. Few conversations go over my head and the ones that do are usually in a language I do not speak fluently or are extremely technical in a field that I am not familiar with, which is its own sort of language. Being open-minded and curious is like a whetstone for wit. I love meeting people who aren’t like me. Variety is the spice of life after all.




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