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Why the hell have I been blocked/muted from your Twitter?!

If you’ve found yourself suddenly blocked by me on Twitter, here is the explanation as to why. And it really shouldn’t shock you unless you were counting on being the exception to the rule. You’re not.

Anyone who has been following my Twitter in the past month and a half will have seen my enthusiastic support for the Give Your Money To Women movement started by Bardot Smith, Yeoshin Lourdes, and Lauren Chief Elk. So many of the points they’ve brought up I’ve talked about amongst my own group of friends (and some conclusions re: money & sex I came to before entering the demimonde & are some of the very reasons why I became a Professional Companion) and I love that these incredible women publicly voiced this extremely sensible philosophy. It is a game-changer. Almost every man who has encountered this knows it to be true, even if y’all can’t quite admit it to yourselves. And some of y’all think clicking “Like” on GYMTW-themed Tweets somehow excuses you from actually doing GYMTW.

More than that, I’ve always wondered how to make my Twitter timeline dovetail with my Companionship. I wasn’t very talkative on Twitter until recently because I’ve finally figured out how to use it to my advantage, thanks to GYMTW (and I’ll be showing my thanks to each of those three women in monetary amounts soon enough). Part of the shock surrounding sex workers on Twitter, especially, creating invoices* for the non-sexual services they were essentially offering for free via social media comes from the idea that the phrase “For Time and Companionship Only” is ever ONLY a legal dodge or “smoke and mirrors”. For some, it undoubtedly is. But I’m not anyone else but me.

While I would personally edit that disclaimer to drop the “only” part, what I really want to emphasize is that what I do, say, act on Twitter (as well as this here blog, which will lack a paywall but will also lack comment threads from now on) is absolutely what you’d encounter in an assignation with me. Social media has given you a free preview of Time With Claudia long enough.

As2014-218-MIf you’ve enjoyed looking at my gorgeous form in my avatar and hope to see more of it, well, that’d be part of the “Time and Companionship” I offer as a Professional Companion. If you’ve enjoyed reading the links to the wide variety of articles I share because they gave you an insight to my interests, well, that’d be part of “Time and Companionship”. If you’ve enjoyed having a conversation with me on Twitter (and if you hope to again in the future), even if it’s just a couple of tweets back and forth, well, that’d be part of “Time and Companionship”. If you’ve enjoyed following me as a Companion and courtesan on Twitter because it’s sexy (or whatever), yup you guessed it, that’s “Time and Companionship”. Any client of high-end companions know very well that sex is not always a feature of an assignation so an objection of, “But…but….we haven’t even shared a bed!” is irrelevant. If you considered me interesting enough to follow, then show that you actually value it. Interactions on Twitter and on this blog are definitely a shortened, though no less authentic, version of an appointment with me, so why should you receive for free what others would happily pay for? I have no doubt that more than a few of my (non-sex worker) male followers have received pleasure from merely following my timeline and my blog. Need I remind you, that is what I offer professionally? For money?

Don’t want to pay? Fair enough, go on your way.

Energy. Time. Beauty. Sexuality. Intellect. Humor. Intimacy… Payment.


Needless to say, any attempt to act like an ass** after getting UNBLOCKED/UNMUTE will result in being permanently blocked. And no, there is no refund. Also, yes, I will be interactive with anyone who has paid to be UNBLOCKED/UNMUTE. I have no need to run a scam or anything like that, I’m just beyond done with time wasters and bullshitters and I have never been one to share my considerable talents and assets with those who cannot appreciate them. I honor and adore myself and that is what sets the minimum for any interaction with me.

Think of this as an “Introduction” type of appointment. If you end up making an in-person appointment with me, then fantastic!

Christmas ClaudiaOkay, I get it. I have definitely benefited from your Twitter presence. How may I receive an UNBLOCK/UNMUTE? I promise not to be an ass!

Submit the requested amount one of two ways: through my account or via GiftRocket with a memo including your Twitter handle and, “UNBLOCK/UNMUTE, please”. Being an ass will result in one of two actions: 1) Getting BLOCKED again and paying a re-entry fee I feel is commiserate to letting you have access again; 2) Getting BLOCKED permanently, end of story. Which action I take regarding your situation is entirely up to me in the moment. Remember, there is no amount of money known to man that will make me deal with an asshole.

Would you like something from your wishlist?

That’s why I have one. But that is in addition to the UNBLOCK amount, not a substitute for it.


*I’ve seen people on Twitter, including sex workers who should know better, denigrate GYMTW as “begging”. HA! Unsurprisingly, some of these same women have complained about no-shows, being shorted on their rates, etc.

**Acting like an ass includes having dick pics or any other genitalia pictures in your avatar or cover photo.

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