On Bigotry & Discounts

Away with your bullshitA colleague recently published a post that is full of bullshit. I won’t name her because I don’t feel like being that petty right now. My main pet peeve, before I even started working as an escort, is this belief that “the market” gets to dictate and reaffirm bigotry and racism in the demimonde and since it’s “the market” that it is above criticism and reproach.


Hiding your bigotry and your love for the status quo (because it works out for you to the detriment of others) behind “the market” is cowardly crap. I was a business major for three years* and I know enough libertarians to have nothing but disgust for the worship of “the market” by those who benefit from it the most. Sure, “the market” may say that thin, white, cissexual, female escorts under 30 are the most valuable/get to charge more for their time but anyone who has lived long enough and doesn’t have their head up their posterior know that in interpersonal relations, this is crap. Absolutely be aware of what “the market” says, but have enough sense to know that it is flawed and must needs be taken with a large grain of salt.

Here’s the thing: if a client’s genitalia gets hard/wet/whatever when they consider YOUR glorious form….if the client’s interest is peaked in the chance to get to know YOU as you present yourself….if the client’s erogenous zones (mind, body, spirit, etc) has been fired up at the mere THOUGHT OF YOU then hey, guess what? CHARGE WHAT YOU WANT!

  • The idea that the erection caused by a thin, white, female escort and one charged by an escort that doesn’t fit that description are different is a fantasy.
  • The idea that the time and companionship provided by a thin, white, female escort and one provided by an escort that doesn’t fit that description are different is a fantasy.

When I set up the paywall on my Twitter account, as explained here, I also posted this Tweet:

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And that is the only baseline I consider when setting my rates, which are going up in May by the way. This should be the only baseline an escort considers when setting her/his/x’s rates, regardless of where YOU place them on the rates spectrum. This should definitely be the baseline clients consider when approaching your companion of choice. If a time waster’s reaction is, “you’re not THAT great”, then why did he consider that person at all? Because you thought you could book with them on the cheap due to certain traits? Get outta here!

If a man wants to become my patron, then it is obvious that he holds an attraction for me as the sum of my graces. My traits, immutable and not, are not line items that can be discounted because you’ve been horribly misled about their innate quality. Reconcile your cognitive dissonance if you thought your attraction for me was contingent only upon the “lesser value” others convinced you applied to me. Reconcile your bigotry if you’re a sex worker who’s okay with racism in the demimonde as it benefits you.

*Throws mic down*




*Changed my major to History of Art & Architecture instead to keep my soul intact.

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