Drop It Like It’s Hot

If you’ve been following me at all on Twitter, even on my sidebar here, then you will have seen an occasional announcement of offering a Cash Point Meet or a Cash Point Drop for those with the Financial Domination fetish. These are my preliminary ventures into a much more in depth and complex engagement of that fetish. Need I mention that my way of engaging with payeurs as FinDomme (even down to how I’ll address you all as a group) will be my very exacting and particular take on the fetish? What I will be providing, starting next year, will be, I suppose, bespoke Financial Domination. At that point, I probably will phase out providing CPMs/CPDs- consider these a chance to whet your appetite and to find out whether or not you really are a Financial Submissive, or a merely a little boy playing with something far beyond your intellectual, emotional, and financial percipience.

On that note, I will be offering a Cash Point Drop this coming Friday on my visit to New York City. One day and one day only, unless I can be convinced to offer an additional day.

Cash Point Meets

Cash Point Meets

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