As2014-112-MI am Claudia Christophe, an intelligent, beautiful, and elegant Companion for gentlemen 50 and older. I have a B.A. in Art History and have taught and tutored English and writing composition for the past two years. Currently, I am having a little fun before I continue my studies on the graduate level. My intellectual interests include art history, philosophy, politics, linguistics, and culture, both popular and “high brow”. I enjoy conversation, especially ones that combine seemingly disparate topics, such as the philosophy behind various science fiction/fantasy stories or debating whether The Simpsons and the Renaissance masters share similar qualities in their respective art forms.

I consider sensuality an art form and an ever evolving one at that. It is strongly connected to my femininity and the pleasure I experience in life. I share this freely but only with select gentlemen who will be able to appreciate its alluring depths.

The gentlemen I provide my companionship to are intelligent, generous, respectful, and has a zest for the pursuit of happiness. You understand that the best experiences in the Main pictureworld are those that are not rushed, taking the time to drink in and enjoy the sensations around you. You also know that personal experiences are unique and intimate, dependent upon the interactions of the people involved. For you, this is not a hobby, it is a journey.


Body type: tall and classically voluptuous and buxom.

Coloring: dark hair and almond-shaped eyes, golden-honey complexion.

Other lovely details: sensual lips. Fantastic smile. Mixed ethnicity. A sultry, sonorous voice.

Most importantly: Discreet. Professional. Sophisticated.


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