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About Birds, Feathers, and Flocking

I know some people believe that anyone in the sex industry inherently lacks an understanding of ethics by virtue of our jobs and that our clients most certainly don’t have ethics because otherwise, how could they participate in such sordid … Continue reading

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My heart lives in the Twin Cities…sometimes.

I’m visiting friends in Minneapolis-St. Paul for a nice pre-Christmas party, as well as celebrating the birthday of my best friend and “sister”. Therefore, I will have some time for appointments. If you’ve been thinking about an assignation with me, … Continue reading

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Relax. Relate. Release.

*peaceful exhale* There has been so much frustration and sorrow in the news lately, the most prominent for me being the massacre/terrorist attack in Charleston. In my personal life, a godmother of mine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. A … Continue reading

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Dancing with joy

I haven’t been shy about my nerdiness and in case you have any doubt of my sincerity, I have been dancing with nerdjoy all day. Why, you ask? The second trailer for the upcoming Star Wars sequel,┬áThe Force Awakens, premiered … Continue reading

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Oshun, Aphrodite, and other goddesses whose divine domains include sexual pleasure and some form of professional-spiritual sexual services are always described as “laughter-loving”. laughter can be a powerful turn-on and so it is appropriate for a Professional Companion to have … Continue reading

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“elegant & cultured in appearance, manner, or taste.” In short, you can take me out in public without the fear of my inability to act decently. Of course, I am no wallflower and I enthusiastically engage with others; but I … Continue reading

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My Favorite Things: Halloween Edition

As you read this, I’m on my way to Los Angeles for the holiday to attend the West Hollywood Halloween party! Very excited about this! Halloween/Samhain and El Dia de los Muertos are the holidays I enjoy the most. I … Continue reading

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