On Time & Companionship: A Dialogue

But, I just want to spend time to get to know you, for free. Why does that require money and screening? Besides, I thought “for time and companionship” was a euphemism for sex or smoke and mirrors? That’s what some of your colleagues said!



For them, it may very well be a mere euphemism for sex or smoke & mirrors, so I humbly invite you to entreaty them with your request, citing their previous statement on the matter as a basis for freebies. And of course that’s assuming they haven’t changed their mind on the issue. You two have fun with that, m’kay?

Okay, but….

Most importantly, do not confuse companions/escorts/providers giving that advice to novices with regard to legal protection as something that applies to interaction with clients. When you request to spend time with me, I carve out a chunk of my day to spend time with you and you alone, and I am providing companionship by being fully present during that time. This is regardless of whatever activities we choose to partake in. Time is money. Energy is money. There is skill in Arts of Companionship learned via life lessons and study of complementary skills such as rhetorical conversation.  AND I CHARGE FOR ALL OF IT.

Can I just say som–

Below are full color illustrations and pictures of activities that fall under “for time and companionship” and will be compensated per my requirements:

Exhibit A-

Meeting for coffee! Minimum rates applied.

Meeting for coffee! Minimum rates applied. Not. At. Starbucks.


Exhibit B-

dancing date

Dancing! Minimum rates applied. PLEASE BRING YOUR BEST RHYTHM.


Exhibit C-

Ice skating! Minimum rates applied. Band-aids, ACE bandages, may be required.

Ice skating! Minimum rates applied. Band-aids, ACE bandages, may be required.


Exhibit D-

General chit-chat! Minimum rates applied. Wit appreciated.

General chit-chat! Minimum rates applied. Wit appreciated.


Exhibit E-

traveling date

Going places! Minimum rates & travel requirements applied. I’ll bring my own Xanax.


Exhibit F-

Watching the magic of artistic performance! Minimum rates applied.

Watching the magic of artistic performance! Minimum rates applied. Snobbery decidedly unappreciated.


Fine, Claudia, I get it. You can st–

Exhibit G-

Dining! Minimum rates applied. You don't make friends with salad.

Dining! Minimum rates applied. You don’t make friends with salad.


Exhibit H-

Kissing in front of the sun! Minimum rates applied. Bring your own sunblock.

Standing in front of the sun with our faces close together! Minimum rates applied. Bring your own sunblock.


Exhibit I-

Long-winded, multiple e-mails that may or may not result in an in-person appointment. SPECIAL RATES APPLIED! Hint: It'll be twice my minimum.

Long-winded, multiple e-mails that may or may not result in an in-person appointment. SPECIAL RATES APPLIED! Hint: It’ll be twice my minimum.


Exhibit J-

Attending a laser show, possibly with music! Minimum rates applied. I hope we don't lose our eyesight.

Attending a laser show, possibly with music! Minimum rates applied. I hope we don’t lose our eyesight.


Exhibit K-

Working out! Minimum rates applied. Mama said knock you out. No really, she sent a note...

Working out! Minimum rates applied. Mama said knock you out. No really, she sent a note…


Exhibit L-

Taking me on a shopping spree! Minimum rates applied + a $5000 shopping budget. You will also carry all the bags.

Taking me on a shopping spree at my favorite shops! Minimum rates applied + a $5000 shopping budget. You will also carry all the bags.


No, really, I GET IT NOW! But this still includes…you know….


Watching HOT TURTLE SEX at the zoo! Minimum rates applied. I know, I love watching it too....

Watching HOT TURTLE SEX at the zoo! Minimum rates applied. I know, I love watching it too….

*sigh* Was all this necessary?


Judging You

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On Confused Boners

Laughing SpideyI have spoken about, at some length, the idiotic idea that sexual attraction to someone outside of the small and boring box of what is considered “beautiful” or “worthy of sexual attraction” should be automatically considered lesser. This was specifically put in the context of sex work and how clients or even sex workers themselves holding these views should re-examine why they do and get over whatever racism and bigotry compels them to do so.

There is a remarkable anger that emanates from men with confused boners when they find themselves undeniably attracted to a woman or female-presenting individual who are rarely positioned as being beautiful and sexually attractive on their own merits instead of being a mere exception to the rule of “ugly” that others who are similar are considered. At best, Men With Confused Boners (MWCB) hurl dull verbal darts at the object of their true and genuine affection in a sad attempt to reconcile their cognitive dissonance. At worst, MWCB’s turn to actual physical violence that all to often is used against our transwoman sisters. Instead of readjusting their worldview and understanding that maybe, JUST MAYBE, everything they were taught and thought was wrong, they act like petulant little brats and attacking the very women they should instead spend their energy adoring. They always make sure you know just how repulsive you REALLY are…I mean, in between them fapping to your glorious form.

Ashley Graham SI coverJust in case you’ve been living under a rock, the “curvasexalicious” (as she describes herself) Ashley Graham was one of the cover models for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2016. I’ve long been a fan of hers and have even referenced her a couple times on this very blog. Needless to say, I rushed out and purchased an issue with her on the cover. And so should you. I did the same when Tyra Banks became the first Black woman to have a solo cover in 1997 and a decade later 2007 when Beyonce had the cover, the 2nd Black woman to be featured on the cover. As we all know, and please don’t engage in intellectual dishonesty here, anything that falls outside of a white (or white enough), cissexual female, way too skinny context is “daring” in the fashion/modeling industry. I support even those baby steps whenever the “daring” is attempted by purchasing the item because if it sells, they’ll keep doing it. I eagerly look forward to the day a transwoman is on the cover and you’re damn right I’ll buy that issue too!

Naturally, some MWCB and an overinflated sense of his own importance (mutually inclusive, natch) had to sidle onto Ashley’s official Facebook fan page and criticize her body and how extremely unattractive he finds her and that his opinion is the same as every man’s opinion all over this diverse world of ours. Now, look….was that even necessary? From his prospective, OF COURSE IT WAS! She had to know that some random man she’ll never meet, care a single fuck about, or who has a single influence on her life or career whatsoever disapproves of her physical appearance! And in the fevered dreams of similar men, their targets will just go cry until they become “acceptable” by his standards or dramatically off herself due to the inability to ever meet his discerning, though ultimately useless, standards.

And the problem is far too many women do this. They have been so thoroughly programmed through any number of social/familial/economic/media avenues to actually believe that a man’s opinion (and especially a MWCB), no matter how familiar or unfamiliar he is, outweighs her own opinion of herself. And that this man’s opinion MUST be the foundation of her opinion about herself.


Men approach women because they want something from you. A reaction. Attention. Interaction. Sex. Romance. Conversation. Whatever. The point is they sought YOU out, not the other way around. Don’t let them assuage their insecurity about approaching you, especially if you fall outside of that “mainstream” box, at the expense of your own self-worth. They have an attraction for you as you are so they need to admit to it and act like fully realized, individual human beings or they need to keep it moving.

Their confused boners are their problem, not yours.

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On Bigotry & Discounts

Away with your bullshitA colleague recently published a post that is full of bullshit. I won’t name her because I don’t feel like being that petty right now. My main pet peeve, before I even started working as an escort, is this belief that “the market” gets to dictate and reaffirm bigotry and racism in the demimonde and since it’s “the market” that it is above criticism and reproach.


Hiding your bigotry and your love for the status quo (because it works out for you to the detriment of others) behind “the market” is cowardly crap. I was a business major for three years* and I know enough libertarians to have nothing but disgust for the worship of “the market” by those who benefit from it the most. Sure, “the market” may say that thin, white, cissexual, female escorts under 30 are the most valuable/get to charge more for their time but anyone who has lived long enough and doesn’t have their head up their posterior know that in interpersonal relations, this is crap. Absolutely be aware of what “the market” says, but have enough sense to know that it is flawed and must needs be taken with a large grain of salt.

Here’s the thing: if a client’s genitalia gets hard/wet/whatever when they consider YOUR glorious form….if the client’s interest is peaked in the chance to get to know YOU as you present yourself….if the client’s erogenous zones (mind, body, spirit, etc) has been fired up at the mere THOUGHT OF YOU then hey, guess what? CHARGE WHAT YOU WANT!

  • The idea that the erection caused by a thin, white, female escort and one charged by an escort that doesn’t fit that description are different is a fantasy.
  • The idea that the time and companionship provided by a thin, white, female escort and one provided by an escort that doesn’t fit that description are different is a fantasy.

When I set up the paywall on my Twitter account, as explained here, I also posted this Tweet:

For WordPress



And that is the only baseline I consider when setting my rates, which are going up in May by the way. This should be the only baseline an escort considers when setting her/his/x’s rates, regardless of where YOU place them on the rates spectrum. This should definitely be the baseline clients consider when approaching your companion of choice. If a time waster’s reaction is, “you’re not THAT great”, then why did he consider that person at all? Because you thought you could book with them on the cheap due to certain traits? Get outta here!

If a man wants to become my patron, then it is obvious that he holds an attraction for me as the sum of my graces. My traits, immutable and not, are not line items that can be discounted because you’ve been horribly misled about their innate quality. Reconcile your cognitive dissonance if you thought your attraction for me was contingent only upon the “lesser value” others convinced you applied to me. Reconcile your bigotry if you’re a sex worker who’s okay with racism in the demimonde as it benefits you.

*Throws mic down*




*Changed my major to History of Art & Architecture instead to keep my soul intact.

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For Time & Companionship…on Twitter

Delivery code

On my way to a masquerade ball.

Why the hell have I been blocked/muted from your Twitter?!

If you’ve found yourself suddenly blocked by me on Twitter, here is the explanation as to why. And it really shouldn’t shock you unless you were counting on being the exception to the rule. You’re not.

Anyone who has been following my Twitter in the past month and a half will have seen my enthusiastic support for the Give Your Money To Women movement started by Bardot Smith, Yeoshin Lourdes, and Lauren Chief Elk. So many of the points they’ve brought up I’ve talked about amongst my own group of friends (and some conclusions re: money & sex I came to before entering the demimonde & are some of the very reasons why I became a Professional Companion) and I love that these incredible women publicly voiced this extremely sensible philosophy. It is a game-changer. Almost every man who has encountered this knows it to be true, even if y’all can’t quite admit it to yourselves. And some of y’all think clicking “Like” on GYMTW-themed Tweets somehow excuses you from actually doing GYMTW.

More than that, I’ve always wondered how to make my Twitter timeline dovetail with my Companionship. I wasn’t very talkative on Twitter until recently because I’ve finally figured out how to use it to my advantage, thanks to GYMTW (and I’ll be showing my thanks to each of those three women in monetary amounts soon enough). Part of the shock surrounding sex workers on Twitter, especially, creating invoices* for the non-sexual services they were essentially offering for free via social media comes from the idea that the phrase “For Time and Companionship Only” is ever ONLY a legal dodge or “smoke and mirrors”. For some, it undoubtedly is. But I’m not anyone else but me.

While I would personally edit that disclaimer to drop the “only” part, what I really want to emphasize is that what I do, say, act on Twitter (as well as this here blog, which will lack a paywall but will also lack comment threads from now on) is absolutely what you’d encounter in an assignation with me. Social media has given you a free preview of Time With Claudia long enough.

As2014-218-MIf you’ve enjoyed looking at my gorgeous form in my avatar and hope to see more of it, well, that’d be part of the “Time and Companionship” I offer as a Professional Companion. If you’ve enjoyed reading the links to the wide variety of articles I share because they gave you an insight to my interests, well, that’d be part of “Time and Companionship”. If you’ve enjoyed having a conversation with me on Twitter (and if you hope to again in the future), even if it’s just a couple of tweets back and forth, well, that’d be part of “Time and Companionship”. If you’ve enjoyed following me as a Companion and courtesan on Twitter because it’s sexy (or whatever), yup you guessed it, that’s “Time and Companionship”. Any client of high-end companions know very well that sex is not always a feature of an assignation so an objection of, “But…but….we haven’t even shared a bed!” is irrelevant. If you considered me interesting enough to follow, then show that you actually value it. Interactions on Twitter and on this blog are definitely a shortened, though no less authentic, version of an appointment with me, so why should you receive for free what others would happily pay for? I have no doubt that more than a few of my (non-sex worker) male followers have received pleasure from merely following my timeline and my blog. Need I remind you, that is what I offer professionally? For money?

Don’t want to pay? Fair enough, go on your way.

Energy. Time. Beauty. Sexuality. Intellect. Humor. Intimacy… Payment.


Needless to say, any attempt to act like an ass** after getting UNBLOCKED/UNMUTE will result in being permanently blocked. And no, there is no refund. Also, yes, I will be interactive with anyone who has paid to be UNBLOCKED/UNMUTE. I have no need to run a scam or anything like that, I’m just beyond done with time wasters and bullshitters and I have never been one to share my considerable talents and assets with those who cannot appreciate them. I honor and adore myself and that is what sets the minimum for any interaction with me.

Think of this as an “Introduction” type of appointment. If you end up making an in-person appointment with me, then fantastic!

Christmas ClaudiaOkay, I get it. I have definitely benefited from your Twitter presence. How may I receive an UNBLOCK/UNMUTE? I promise not to be an ass!

Submit the requested amount one of two ways: through my Cash.me account or via GiftRocket with a memo including your Twitter handle and, “UNBLOCK/UNMUTE, please”. Being an ass will result in one of two actions: 1) Getting BLOCKED again and paying a re-entry fee I feel is commiserate to letting you have access again; 2) Getting BLOCKED permanently, end of story. Which action I take regarding your situation is entirely up to me in the moment. Remember, there is no amount of money known to man that will make me deal with an asshole.

Would you like something from your wishlist?

That’s why I have one. But that is in addition to the UNBLOCK amount, not a substitute for it.


*I’ve seen people on Twitter, including sex workers who should know better, denigrate GYMTW as “begging”. HA! Unsurprisingly, some of these same women have complained about no-shows, being shorted on their rates, etc.

**Acting like an ass includes having dick pics or any other genitalia pictures in your avatar or cover photo.

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Study Hour

Just relaxing in my lingerie near my Xmas decorations. No biggie.

Just relaxing in my lingerie near my Xmas decorations. No biggie.

I do not, nor will I ever, offer in-person appointments* at an hour or less. My minimum started at 2 hours and has risen to 3 hours and may rise again in the future to 4 hours. Do not expect it to decrease. Ever.

Interested parties who want to know about me and whether or not we’ll mesh have to do so without reviews, for reasons I have explained here, in a post from January 2012. No, I won’t meet with you over coffee to see if we’ll hit it off. This blog expresses my thoughts, beliefs, quirks, and more quite thoroughly. Reading all the posts I’ve made from Day One will definitely take a couple of hours. Ditto, my Twitter timeline*, though I’m not nearly as talkative there as I am here (or in person), still, I share enough links to give anyone an idea of some of my interests.

If you don’t like what you read, then move along. I’m not a performative Companion, so what you see and read here is what you’ll see and hear in person. I have poured a generous amount of emotional and intellectual energy into this blog, time I have not been compensated for and providing digital companionship*, which I also have not been compensated for, though doubtless it has provided entertainment to those who read it who may never have the chance to meet me. It’s companionship nonetheless. No, “For Time and Companionship” is not a legal dodge or rote statement as far as my work is concerned. More on that in a future post.

“Go do your homework!” Truer words have ne’er been spoken.


*A change will take place concerning my Twitter feed and this blog in the new year. Look for a post explaining that within the week.

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My heart lives in the Twin Cities…sometimes.

Minneapolis skyline at dusk

Minneapolis skyline at dusk

I’m visiting friends in Minneapolis-St. Paul for a nice pre-Christmas party, as well as celebrating the birthday of my best friend and “sister”. Therefore, I will have some time for appointments. If you’ve been thinking about an assignation with me, stop thinking and DO! No time like the present!

Speaking of present, if you’ve been following my Twitter then you will have seen the Pinned posts about Birthdaymas. I have both a wishlist via Delivery Code and direct cash accounts via Square Cash and Gift Rocket to receive presents for Christmas/Yule and my birthday, which is on the Twelfth Night. Three ways to put a smile on my lovely face in this most festive of seasons!

St. Paul, MN skyline at dusk

St. Paul, MN skyline at dusk

In any event, I love Minneapolis-St. Paul. It’s a charming little pair of cities and I have such a solid base of close friends and friends who might as well be blood family, there. Sure, it’s colder than a witch’s teat at this time of the year but so what? Just put on another layer and clothing and you’ll be fine. As you might be able to tell, I visit as often as possible. It’s not as large as Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles, but that’s its charm. I attended my first university there and as any adult over 30 knows, those years 17-25 really influence the fully grown adult you choose to become. So that’s why I maintain a connection to the city. Though I’ve always been the type to march to the beat of my own drum, from breath one, I REALLY got to dance to that beat during my college years in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

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Truth Will Out

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard about the Feds raiding the gay escort advertising site Rentboy. Despite previous similar raids on sites such as MyRedBook, and the adult services sections of Craigslist and Backpage, this one garnered outrage. Why this is has been discussed by many sex worker rights activists. Two of the best articles include the one written by Lily Burana for NY Mag’s The Cut section, “Big Bad Rent Boys, Sad Little Call Girls, and the Language of Sex Work.”; and one written by Melissa Gira Grant for RH Reality Check, “How Sex Workers’ Rights Made the Mainstream.”

There’s a rather twisted sense of vindication with this whole Rentboy fallout: the general public is FINALLY starting to see the sexism inherent in so much anti-sex trafficking/rescue industry/prohibitionist propaganda. In fact, their screeds are also finally being recognized as propaganda by the general public who don’t have any “skin in the game”, so to speak. Those of us in the industry and especially anyone who has been even briefly involved with activism have been seeing this for decades. Hell, older activists have been seeing this exact same sexist language emanating from the mouths of “concerned feminists” and other ersatz “rescuers” longer than my 34 years of life.

“It’s Different For Boys” is an essay by Julian Marlowe in the anthology Whores and Other Feminists and my goddess is it ever so apt right now. Anti-sex work feminists are going to be forced like never before to make one of the following choices:

  1. Admit that women are inherently weaker in mind, body, and spirit, and that we’d be better off going back to days of sanctioned chaperones, not working outside the home (for the middle classes), and not having a say in any part of our lives…including the political process; or
  2. Admit that it’s the sex part of sex work that pisses you off and makes you feel icky and since you feel icky everyone else should be legally obliged to feel icky too; or
  3. Admit that your brand of feminism is nothing more than a modern Marian cult desperately trying to invent yourselves as modern-day Marys and woe betide the Magdalenes and Jezebels who get in the way.

In any event, this summer has been an interesting one for sex workers’ rights and hopefully, a positive trajectory.

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