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On Confused Boners

I have spoken about, at some length, the idiotic idea that sexual attraction to someone outside of the small and boring box of what is considered “beautiful” or “worthy of sexual attraction” should be automatically considered lesser. This was specifically … Continue reading

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Contempt of the Flesh

You’ve most likely heard at least some of the hubbub surrounding Lane Bryant’s new I’m No Angel ad. If nothing else, it’s one of those Cultural Moments that has spurred a lot of talk and a reflection of our values. … Continue reading

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I prefer to describe myself using this word if only because ‘beautiful’ is overused and almost borders on conceited; my opinion, obviously, feel free to disagree! Granted, all of us ladies in this little world must be boastful to an … Continue reading

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Greek word for “beautiful buttocks” The Romanized version of this word is spelled with a ‘c’,┬ábut the first time I came across it was in an historical text written in Greek (which lacked a ‘c’ in their alphabet) so this … Continue reading

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For fifteen years, from the age of 4-19, I was a ballerina. I could have made a career out of it before puberty presented other, curvier, bustier plans; I was a slender curvy then but that was still too out … Continue reading

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Everyday Sensuality

I read this Thought Catalog article, 18 Things Everyone Should Make Time For Again, back in November and I’ve been planning a post about it since then. I was surprised to see most of my habits on there. Taking the … Continue reading

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Art and Sex

Nothing makes me happier than art and sex, well besides a delicious meal with champagne, and when the two come together, oh I hear the angels singing. There is a new anniversary printing of a book written by art historian … Continue reading

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