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My heart lives in the Twin Cities…sometimes.

I’m visiting friends in Minneapolis-St. Paul for a nice pre-Christmas party, as well as celebrating the birthday of my best friend and “sister”. Therefore, I will have some time for appointments. If you’ve been thinking about an assignation with me, … Continue reading

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Social media makes me itchy and there is not enough Benadryl or calamine lotion in the world to counteract the effects it has on me. If you take a look at my Twitter stream, I use that almost solely to … Continue reading

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The Longest Night

“Joie to you on this Longest Night!” –A Seasonal Greeting from Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Dart Today is the Winter Solstice, an astronomical event that inspired hundreds, if not thousands, of religious observations. Yes, including Christmas. As a follower of Nature, … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hopefully there is at least one thing in your life that you can give thanks for on Thursday. It’s a family day, but family definitely is not always determined by blood. I have a generally good relationship … Continue reading

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My Favorite Things: Halloween Edition

As you read this, I’m on my way to Los Angeles for the holiday to attend the West Hollywood Halloween party! Very excited about this! Halloween/Samhain and El Dia de los Muertos are the holidays I enjoy the most. I … Continue reading

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In this episode, science gives a technical explanation for why humans (and other primates) kiss. That is, if you really need that technical explanation. For me, the simple fact that a (good) kiss feels incredible. It’s foreplay, helping to┬ábuild erotic … Continue reading

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Keeping It Real

I’ll tell you right now, this isn’t about the demimonde. So feel free to check out now if that’s your only interest. I’ve had an article saved on my desktop for almost a year now, always meaning to write about … Continue reading

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