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About Birds, Feathers, and Flocking

I know some people believe that anyone in the sex industry inherently lacks an understanding of ethics by virtue of our jobs and that our clients most certainly don’t have ethics because otherwise, how could they participate in such sordid … Continue reading

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On Confused Boners

I have spoken about, at some length, the idiotic idea that sexual attraction to someone outside of the small and boring box of what is considered “beautiful” or “worthy of sexual attraction” should be automatically considered lesser. This was specifically … Continue reading

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Study Hour

I do not, nor will I ever, offer in-person appointments* at an hour or less. My minimum started at 2 hours and has risen to 3 hours and may rise again in the future to 4 hours. Do not expect … Continue reading

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“elegant & cultured in appearance, manner, or taste.” In short, you can take me out in public without the fear of my inability to act decently. Of course, I am no wallflower and I enthusiastically engage with others; but I … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hopefully there is at least one thing in your life that you can give thanks for on Thursday. It’s a family day, but family definitely is not always determined by blood. I have a generally good relationship … Continue reading

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Claudia Unplugged

My girlfriends and I are probably fairly rare in the way we communicate with each other these days. Where a lot of people in our age group text or read each other’s Facebook statuses, we call each other on the … Continue reading

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With all my love…

One of my favorite literary courtesans talked about how she loved all of her patrons, some only a little bit and others to a great depth. I would say this opinion would be held by many professional Companions in the … Continue reading

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