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About Birds, Feathers, and Flocking

I know some people believe that anyone in the sex industry inherently lacks an understanding of ethics by virtue of our jobs and that our clients most certainly don’t have ethics because otherwise, how could they participate in such sordid … Continue reading

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On Ally Activism

In case you haven’t heard, the US House of Representatives just passed a particularly noxious piece of legislation called FOSTA last week. The Senate will vote on the bill next week. FOSTA stands for Allow States & Victims to Fight … Continue reading

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Fin. The End. I couldn’t find any words for X or Y entries that wouldn’t have been ridiculous, so I skipped on ahead to the end. Luckily, there was a word for the finish of my Alphabet Soup. More than … Continue reading

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In this episode, science gives a technical explanation for why humans (and other primates) kiss. That is, if you really need that technical explanation. For me, the simple fact that a (good) kiss feels incredible. It’s foreplay, helping to¬†build erotic … Continue reading

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Being a Professional Companion in a niche market is often an indicator of exclusivity and elite status in the demimonde. To be a true rarity compared to our colleagues can be a double-edged sword. A Companion who is niche needs … Continue reading

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Everyday Sensuality

I read this Thought Catalog article, 18 Things Everyone Should Make Time For Again, back in November and I’ve been planning a post about it since then. I was surprised to see most of my habits on there. Taking the … Continue reading

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Thought it would be “beautiful,” didn’t ya? Ha, no! Not that I don’t think of myself as such but how cliched would that be? I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drummer, even as a child. We’ve all … Continue reading

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