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Bouncing Boundaries

Nothing gets my hackles raised more than liars, thieves, and those who give them cover and succor. Even in, no, especially in the demimonde. Are we professionals or not? If we want our industry to be respected and if we want … Continue reading

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When Ignorance is Malice

Well, SESTA* passed the Senate. It’s not that I’m surprised or even disappointed, because I know exactly the whorephobic era in which we live. I’m just tired. But, and I’m trying to agree with the optimism here, a lot of activists … Continue reading

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The Longest Night

“Joie to you on this Longest Night!” –A Seasonal Greeting from Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Dart Today is the Winter Solstice, an astronomical event that inspired hundreds, if not thousands, of religious observations. Yes, including Christmas. As a follower of Nature, … Continue reading

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This is a term that is unfamiliar to most people and oddly enough, in order to properly conceptualize it, I need to reference an almost equally unfamiliar word, flâneur. The flâneur is a “man about town”, particularly popular during the Belle Époque, … Continue reading

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Dancing the Paphian Jig

Mental Floss published an article, 31 Adorable Slang Terms for Sexual Intercourse From the Last 600 Years,  some months ago about old-timey names for having sex. We humans clearly love our euphemisms for anything having to do with sex. While … Continue reading

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With all my love…

One of my favorite literary courtesans talked about how she loved all of her patrons, some only a little bit and others to a great depth. I would say this opinion would be held by many professional Companions in the … Continue reading

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Old Myths, New Myths: Humanity Explains the World

I love reading and hearing mythology and folklore. Storytelling and comprehending the larger world around us, and our part in it, is what makes humans human. That is, until we translate dog barks and cat meows to human speech, because … Continue reading

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