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When Ignorance is Malice

Well, SESTA* passed the Senate. It’s not that I’m surprised or even disappointed, because I know exactly the whorephobic era in which we live. I’m just┬átired. But, and I’m trying to agree with the optimism here, a lot of activists … Continue reading

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Drop It Like It’s Hot

If you’ve been following me at all on Twitter, even on my sidebar here, then you will have seen an occasional announcement of offering a Cash Point Meet or a Cash Point Drop for those with the Financial Domination fetish. … Continue reading

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On Confused Boners

I have spoken about, at some length, the idiotic idea that sexual attraction to someone outside of the small and boring box of what is considered “beautiful” or “worthy of sexual attraction” should be automatically considered lesser. This was specifically … Continue reading

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For Time & Companionship…on Twitter

Why the hell have I been blocked/muted from your Twitter?! If you’ve found yourself suddenly blocked by me on Twitter, here is the explanation as to why. And it really shouldn’t shock you unless you were counting on being the … Continue reading

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Relax. Relate. Release.

*peaceful exhale* There has been so much frustration and sorrow in the news lately, the most prominent for me being the massacre/terrorist attack in Charleston. In my personal life, a godmother of mine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. A … Continue reading

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Contempt of the Flesh

You’ve most likely heard at least some of the hubbub surrounding Lane Bryant’s new I’m No Angel ad. If nothing else, it’s one of those Cultural Moments that has spurred a lot of talk and a reflection of our values. … Continue reading

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Note: This originally published on 8 February due to a scheduling mishap on my part.   “provocative and sexually alluring, esp. through shapeliness or fullness” That this definition fits me to a T is delightfully obvious! Voluptuous is one of … Continue reading

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